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Jerimiah has more than 17 years’ experience in both the mortgage and real estate industries as well as expansive experience in technology verticals. An agile and adaptive leader, Taylor is known for his ability to quickly build, scale and implement systems and processes that result in exceptional customer experiences.

In addition to serving as an executive for the largest real estate and 2nd largest mortgage companies in America Jerimiah has coached and led thousands of real estate agents nationwide. he provides innovative strategies and dynamic practices that Leaders and Business owners alike can readily adapt and implement.

Jerimiah is available as a consultant, speaker and trainer for all topics related to Leadership, Technology, and Business centered around the Real Estate and Mortgage verticals. .

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speaking /consulting services

Consulting Services

Consulting services for small to medium sized businesses (>5,000 employees) in the real estate

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Speaking and Teaching

Having delivered 1000’s of hours of world class training to agents and brokers nationwide

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Real Estate Coaching

Having coached and led over 1,000 real estate agents and brokers Jerimiah and his team bring th

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